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Scroll to very bottom to see upcoming fixtures. Subject to change. 


1. Teams are allowed to sign ten players before the league starts.

2. New signings are allowed up to the Christmas break as long as the name of the signing is passed to a committee member by text or in a means that records the date and time. No transfers after Christmas except in unique circumstances and agreed by the committee. If they are agreed a fee of £10 is to be paid.

3. Fines - All fines will be a minimum of twenty pounds. This must be paid within seven days of the fine being imposed. Any team who fails to pay their fine will be expelled from the league.

4. Starting time. All games must commence at 8:45 pm. Travelling teams who have a substantial distance - 9: pm Unless a different start time is posted by the Secretary. If a representative of the team is not present to declare at the time, then their opponents can claim a game for every 15 minutes they are late. To do this a card must be filled in and table ready to go. A photo should be taken at 9:15 with table and balls set and a photo of card with home side filled in. The same for every 15 minutes after. 
No photos , no claimed games. Any team not turning up minimum fine £20 plus two missed matches you may be removed at committees discretion. 

5. All teams must have a clock and it must be used at all times.  No clock, no match. As of 2023 20-minute rule no longer applies – the 1-minute rule must be applied.

6. Any team that allows a falsified result card to be returned will be fined and may be expelled from the league.

7. Friday at 6 pm is the deadline for all result cards to be sent by WhatsApp to the secretary... Teams who ignore this timetable will incur a fine of twenty pounds (no excuses). It is the responsibility of the winning team or, the home teams that draw, to upload the result card.

8. Any team or player wishing to protest must do so within 3 days following any match. Such protests must be accompanied by a fee of £20.00 {returned if successful}. A team that is found at fault by protest will lose and points gained will be awarded to opponents. The same rule will apply in cup matches and individuals.

9. In all games the referee’s decision is final, but a team can play under protest at an unfair refereeing decision. A protest text should be sent to a committee member on the night and the other team clearly informed that this has been done. Teams are asked to try everything to resolve differences on the night. Any refereeing decision questioned afterwards but not protested correctly on the night will not be heard.

10. A sub can be used from any member of a team panel even if another named player is on the sheet (he/she can be substituted).

10a Premier League and First Division 23/24 season 12 games in the league: No player can play more than two games in the first six games. AAA PLAYERS can only play a maximum of 2 games individually and up to a maximum of six games collectively.

10b Second Division and Third Division League 23/24 season 10 games per league match. No player can play more than two games in the first five.

10c Blackball Rules apply with Newry League addons. Following a foul by their opponent, a player should ask the ref to lift or the other player, however, if the player does not, it is not a foul.

11. Any player found guilty of misconduct at any match under league rules will be suspended from the league and his team will be fined. The same will apply to comments on social media.

12. A team can refuse to play on a table that is not up to standards. Inform the committee immediately on noticing the table – if you don’t inform us before the start time of the match – you lose the points.

13. A game can only be cancelled due to death or severe weather conditions. Any cancelled game must be played within two weeks. Rearranged by team that cancelled.

14. Rearranged individual, pairs or cup matches must be played at the venue where it is drawn or face disqualification 

15. Any team who plays an unregistered player may be expelled from the league or points deducted.

16. If the Committee become aware of a situation whereby a player transferred, without paying a transfer fee, they may deduct points and fine the team. If an opposing team makes a complaint (within the correct time limit) the team will lose any points or be removed from the relevant cup. The team captain should know their signed players.

17. When requested, all cups and trophies must be returned to the committee (cleaned and polished).  Any damage done to these must be replaced by the winning team or player.

18. Any player who puts derogatory remarks on social media ( or deemed similar) about any committee/league member not only will be expelled from the pool league, but potentially this could result in the team that they play for being expelled also

19. If a player or someone involved with Newry Pool is asked to attend a meeting and does not an automatic fine of £20 is levied. 



Cup Games 2023/24

Only three AAA players can play in a cup. These players can play maximum of 1 single and 1 pair but pair partner must not be another AAA player.
Premier v First Division + 1
Premier v Second Division +2
Premier v Third Division + 2
Still 9 games - 3 singles - 3 Doubles- 3 singles 

Premier (Team X) 
Third Division (Team Y) +2

Team Y wins first game they are 3 to nil up 
Team X wins second game the score is 3 to 1 to team Y.
Team X wins the next two games ( 1 x single and 1 pairs) the score is 
3 each with five games ( 2 x pairs & 3 x singles)  to play.


Players as you should know, the leagues will be the same as last season, with the top four playing off. 
Please note. No player can participate in the playoffs if they have not played in at least 4 league games. As of committee meeting Thursday Sept 7th anyone with new signings on a full sheet ( taking someone off and putting someone on, there is a fee of £10) Anyone transferring the same applies. 



 Trainors A

1. Paddy Tavey AAA

2. Seamus McVerry

3. Collie McCann

4. Jimmy McVerry

5. Oran Keenan

6. Neale McCauley AAA

7. Seany Mc Ardle

8. Drew Maudsley

9. James O'Hagan

10. Noel Meara AAA

Trainors Bar

1. Kieran Hanna

2. Jack Courtney AAA

3. Tommy Mooney AAA

4. Declan McMahon AAA

5. Declan McConville AAA

6. Mark McSherry

7. Paul Hughes

8. Barry McAllister

9. Mark Trainor

10. Bernie Magee


1. Cathal McCoy

2. Thomas Hughes

3. Sean Murray

4. Kevin Magee

5. Mark Curley

6. Eamon Farrell

7. Darren Devlin

8. Duirmuid Lonergan 

9. Gavin McArdle AAA

10. Colin Gribbon 

Different Strokes

1. Pat Brady AAA

2. Declan Brady

3. Stephen Rooney

4. Paddy Clarke AAA

5. Willie Brown AAA

6. Gavin Doran AAA

7. Stephen Gorham

8. Glen Duffy

9. Chris Cork- Tadgh Meehan 12/10

10. Brian Maguire


1. Liam Bradley

2. Larry McAlinden AAA

3. Kieran McMahon AAA

4. Declan Byrne AAA

5. Tristan Byrne AAA

6. Gary Connolly

7. Marty Conroy

8. Paul Morgan

9. Richie Comiskey AAA

10. Niall McVerry

Nan Rices

1. Joe Poucher

2. Mary Cunningham

3. Shane Shields


5. Yasir 

6. Michael McClelland

7. Philip Murphy

8. Caolan Holland/Marron

9. Dylan Morgan

10. Karl McGuiness

The Bears

1. Paul Murphy

2. Seamus Keenan

3. Gary Powell

4. Neil Heaney

5. Adrian Holman

6. Ralph Crummy

7. Eugene McDermott

8. Aaronn O.Callaghan

9. Conor Heaney

10. Edmund Heaney

Quarter Bar

1. Paul Kelly AAA

2. Harvey Lavelle AAA

3. Jamie Lavelle (C)

4. Colin Quinn

5. James Toner

6. Daniel Clarke AAA

7. Tommy Lavelle

8. Marty McVeigh

9. Johnny McCreesh

10. Declan Duff AAA


Division One


1. Colm Shields

2. Brendan Keenan

3 Giby Vittiankel

4. Gerard McAvoy

5. Jim McMahon

6. Robbie White

7. Jack Murtagh

8. Pearse Loughran

9. Damian Dixon

10. Niall McQuillan

St. Monnina A

1. Mark Shevlin

2. Paddy Hughes

3. Tom Magennis

4. Damien Kearney

5. Glenn McShane

6. Mickey Teggart

7. Shea McQuaid

8. Paddy McCann

9. John Mathews

10. Lorna Durkan

Seasiders A

1. Michael McGuigan

2. Neil McGuigan

3. Paul McNulty

4. Sean Meehan

5. Ciaran Carr

6. Tommy Magee

7. Callum Magee

8. Paddy McLaughlin AAA

9. Ross Cleverdon

10. Ruairi O'Neill

No. 7

1. Kris Fletcher

2. Richard Fletcher

3. Kevin Lennon

4. J.P Lennon

5. Henry McLoughlin

6. Simon Bradley

7. Francie Dinsdale

8. Chris O'Hare

9. Pat McClenaghan - from Nan Rices 

Bosco A

1. John Magee

2. Declan Magee

3. Ben McClorey

4. Shane McVerry

5. Stephen Galbraith

6. James Clarke

7. Brendan McCabe

8. Micheal McArdle

9. Daryl Hannan

10. Paddy Smith


1. Micky O'Hanlon

2. Gavin Malone

3. Gareth McCann

4. Martin O'Callaghan

5. Jokie McTaggart

6. Sheamus Toner

7. Brian O'Neill/ Shane Phelan 

8. Jason Gorman

9. Conor Reavey

10. Joe McClelland- Alan Burke 

Granvue A

1. Richie McGee

2. Conor Dullughan

3. Shane Feehan

4. Alan Sharkey

5. Eamonn McCormick

6. Eamonn O'Boyle

7. Paul Bruen

8. Peter McCourt

9. Shane Holland

10. Frank McArdle

Port Bar

1. Paul Taylor

2. Richie Taylor

3. Daniel Carey

4. Ian Trimble

5. Ronald Sterritt

6. Philip Glass

7. Gary Cowan

8. Daniel Rogers

9. Stuart Cully 

10. Jack Beattie

Division Two


1. Gerard McGuigan

2. Paul McArevy

3. Pat Byrne

4. Damian McArdle

5. Daniel McGuigan

6. Dusty O'Hagan

7. Tommy O.Hanlon

8. Damian Flanagan

9. Noel Bradley

10. Mike McArdle

Dromintee A

1. John Daly

2. John Linsey

3. Kenny Barry

4. Anthony Reynolds

5. Kevin Kelly

6. Micael Burns

7. Shane McNamee

8. Terry Kane

9. Emmet Fearon

10. Barry McManus

Trainors B

1. Miceal Markey

2. Raymond Flynn

3. Paul McAllister

4. Cailim McParland

5. David Doran

6. Patrick Kimmins capt

6.  Paddy Briggs

7. Sean OCallaghan

8. Tom Trainor

9. Ryan Carragher

10. Gerard Grogan

Seasiders B

1. Mark McElherron

2. Liam Kelly

3. Kieran Rice

4. Declan O'Neill

5. Eunan McShane

6. Joe Devlin

7. Philip Devlin

8. Eamon Magee

9. Jay Johnston

10 Michael Lee

Duke Street

1 Ciaran Hughes

2. Mark Hughes

3. Kim Torley

4. Jamie Young

5. Ryan McSorley

6. Ashley Hunter

7. Dermot Fegan

8. Tristan Downey

9. Jamie Mc Ginnis


1. Emmett McParland

2. Davy Brennan

3. Tommy Rooney

4. Liam Turley*

5. Martin Pollock

6. Willie Andrews

7. Anthony Morgan

8. Raymie Loughran

9. Gareth Trainor

10. Tiarnan Casey


1. Sean Markey

2. Micky Cunningham

3. Barry Duffy

4. Yogi Markey

5. Gwyn Trainor

6. Reggie McConville

7. Simon Savage


Nans Rams

1. Stephen Sherry

2. Malachy Maguire

3. Mark Maguire

4. Jimmy O'Hare

5. Pat McClenaghan - transferred No7

6. Andrew Chan

7. Leigh McAlinden

8. Ronnie Poucher

9. Mark Pentony

10. Martin Reavey

Division Three

Nifty Fiftys

1. Aidan Griffin 

2. Anthony O'Hanlon

3. Colly McCann

4. Shane Durnin

5. S Pentony- taken out Robbie McParland

6. Barney O'Connor

7. James Delahunt

8. Gary Boyle

9 Barry Boyle

10. Terry Phoenix

Monnina B


Cathal this is St monninas b  new team
John mackin
Darren Mackin
Cormac Donnelly 
Dominic Donnelly 
Pete Donnelly capt
Mathew cameron 
Niall ohare 
Niall Collins 
Mark callen 
Tony mcguinness
Jack Murphy

1. Peter Donnelly

2. John Mackin

3. Darren Mackin

4. Dominick Donnelly

5. Matthew Cameron

6 Jack Murphy

7. Tony Magennis

8. Cormac Donnelly

9. Mark Callen

10. Liam Ferris*

11. Glenn McArdle - 1 needs removed

Dromintee B

1. Kieran Larkin

2. Brian Larkin

3. Colin McCoy

4. Brendan McCoy

5. Pete McKenna

6. Luke Reynolds

7. Sean Og Hoey

8. Brian Harte

9. Aodhan Mullan

10.Caolan McCann 

Newry Foresters 

1. John Allen

2. Hugh McGrath

3. Ruairi White

4. Paul Campbell

5. Aidan Donnelly

6. Jimmy Magee

7. Chris Cunningham

8. Shea Campbell

9. Kevin Morrissey

10. Feargal McEvoy

Newry City

1. Gerard Magee

2. Sean Downey

3. Joshua McCormack

4. Adam O'Gorman

5. Lee Taylor

6. Gary Wilson - Brian Jones

7. James Winton

8. Sean Green

9. Marty McParland

10. Mo Flynn

Indo A

1. Peter Cahill

2. Mark Cahill

3. Colm Cahill

4. Fran Kearns

5. David O'Brien

6. David Heaney

7. Steven Quinn

Granvue B

1. Paddy Farrell

2. Peter Wynne

3. Niall Clarke

4. Lorcan Murtagh

5. James McKay

6. Joe Dunne

6 Cormac Ohanlon 

7. Jason McCormack

8. Jack McCoy

9. Mark Hilliard

10. Jordan Traynor

Murphys Meigh

1. Pat Quinn 

2. Clive Whelan

3. Stephen Murphy

4. Dylan McAteer

5. Sheila Johnston

6. Kevin Crilly

7. Sean O'Hare

8. Kieth Doran

9. Paddy McCann *

10 Mo zen 



2023 Pool Dates  

Thursday 2nd Nov - Vadio Cup last 16! 

Vadio Pairs Team Competition. 

Vadio Cup (Pairs) Last 16.  Best of 9 Pairs games...

12 minutes per Frame.
1 minute shot clock. 

@Newry Foresters.
Nan Rices v Trainors A (Dans)

@Cwc (Up-Stairs).
St Monnina A v Bears

@Cwc (Downstairs).
Quarter Bar v Ballyholland 

@Nan Rices.
Different Strokes v Dromintee GFC A 

@Windmill Bar (Bears).
Cwc A v Seasiders INF A

@McGuigans Bar.
Hustlers v Trainors Bar

@Trainors Bar (Table 1).
Port Bar v No 7

@Trainors Bar (Table 2).
Cwc B v Whitecross

Thursday 2nd November 

Dessie McGennity Top 32 B Matches - details sent to that group or direct to players.

Thur 9th Nov.   Cunningham Cup.

๐ŸŽฑCunningham Cup Draw๐ŸŽฑ

@Nan Rices (Table 1)
Cwc B (Scr) v Trainors Bar (-2)

@Newry INF (Table 1)
Bears (-2) v Indo (Scr)

@Cwc (Up-Stairs).
Granvue A (-1) v St Monnina B (Scr)

Granvue B (Scr) v Trainors Bar B (Scr)

@Nan Rices (Table 2)
Duke Street (Scr) v Quarter Bar (-2)

@Whitecross Bar.
No 7 (Scr) v Whitecross (Scr)

@Trainors Bar (Table 2)
Murphy's (Scr) v Nans Rams (Scr)

@Cwc (Downstairs)
McGuigans Bar (Scr) v Newry City AFC (Scr)

@Newry INF (Table 2)
Hustlers (-2) v Sheepbridge (Scr)

@Murphy's Meigh.
Dromintee GFC A (Scr) v St Monnina A (-1)

@Nan Rices (Table 3)
Ballyholland Harps (-1) v Dromintee GFC B (Scr)

@McGuigans Bar.
Bosco (Scr) v Trainors A (Dans) (-1)

@Trainors Bar (Table 1)
Seasiders INF B (Scr) v Different Strokes (-2)

@Windmill Bar (Bears).
Cwc A (-1) v Port Bar (Scr)

@Newry INF (Table 3)
INF A (Scr) v Nifty Fifthy's  (Scr)

@Seasiders (Warrenpoint  INF)
Nan Rices (-1) v Seasiders INF A (Scr)

Thur 16th Nov - 

Dessie McGennity Top 32A  Matches ( Venues : CWC and INF) - will be sent to group. 

Thur 16th Nov - 

Francie Loughran B Competition.  

Francie Loughran Memorial Competition.

Original £25 entry players only.

Thursday 16th November 2023

All games best of 5  (1st to 3)

Matches start at 8 O’clock. 

One winner per venue. 


@McGuigans Bar.

1. Seamus Keenan v Ben McClorey

2. Brendan Keenan v Raymie Loughran

Winner 1 v Winner 2


1. Paul Murphy v Stephen Murphy

2. Shane Feehan v John Daly

Winner 1 v Winner 2 

@Trainors Bar (Table 1)

1. Micky O'Hanlon v Paul Campbell

2. Paul McAreavey v Pat Quinn 

Winner 1 v Winner 2

@Nan Rices (Table 3)

1. Paddy Hughes v Ruairi White 

2. Luke Phelan v Kevin Kelly 

Winner 1 v Winner 2

@Windmill Bar (Bears).

1. Hugh McGrath v Mary Cunningham

2. Tucker Hughes v Anthony Reynolds

Winner 1 v Winner 2 

@Newry City AFC.

1. Eamon McCormack v Daryl Hannon

2. Tommy Rooney v Paul Hughes

Winner 1 v Winner 2

@Trainors Bar (Table 2)

1. Conor Dullaghan v Jack Beattie

2. Pat Byrne v Sheila Johnson

Winner 1 v Winner 2 


1. John Magee v Emmett McParland 

2. Shane McVerry v Thomas Magennis

Winner 1 v Winner 2

Thurs 23rd Nov - 

Thursday 23rd November - Prelim Indiv. and Prelim. Pairs matches.
As per live draw.

Best of 5 ( first to 3) 

Division One Individuals 

INDO 9 pm 

Declan Magee (Bosco) v Richie Magee (Granvue A)

Newry INF 9 pm

Philip Glass (Port Bar ) v Miceal McCartney (Bosco)

Newry INF 8 pm 

Paddy McLoughlin (Seasiders INF A) v Paddy NcCann (St Monnina A)

Newry INF 8 pm

Frank McArdle (Granvue A) v Pearce Loughran (Ballyholland)

Newry INF 9 pm 

Tom Maginnis ('St Monnina A) v Ronald Sterrit (Port Bar)

Port Bar 9 pm 

Richie Taylor (Port Bar) v Gary Cowan (Port Bar)

Bosco 8 pm

Darryl Hannon (Bosco) v James Clarke (Bosco)

Indo 8 pm

Conor Reavy (Whitecross) v Shane McVerry (Bosco)

Murphys 9 pm 

Mark Shevlin (St Monnina A ) v Brendan McCabe (Bosco)

Newry INF 9 pm

Martin O'Callaghan (Whitecross) v Paddy Smith (Bosco)

Whitecross 8pm 

Micky O'Hanlon (Whitecross) v Gavin Malone (Whitecross)

Murphys 8 pm

Robbie White (Ballyholland) v Seamus Toner (Whitecross)

Newry INF  8 pm  

Alan Sharkey (Granvue A) v Paddy Hughes (St Monnina A ) 

Whitecross 9 pm

Paul Bruen (Granvue Bar) v Alan Burke (Whitecross)

Nan Rices 9 pm 

Jack Beattie (Port Bar) v Jim McMahon (Ballyholland)

Nan Rices 9 pm

Paul Taylor (Port Bar) v Ben McClorey (Bosco)

Division Two Individuals. 

Nan Rices 9 pm

Liam Kelly (Seasiders INF B) v Paddy Crimmins (Trainors B)

Nan Rices 8 pm

Raymond Loughran (Cwc B ) v Anthony O'Hanlon (Nifty Fifthy's)

St Monnina 9 pm

Shane McNamee (Dromintee A) v Sean O'Callaghan (Trainors B)

Nan Rices - 8 pm

Mark Pentony (Nans Rams) v Leigh McAlinden (Nans Rams)

Division 3 Individuals 

Nan Rices -  8 pm 

Clive Whelan (Murphy's) v Paul Campbell (INF A)


S Galbraith to organise the following 

Giby Vettiankel (Ballyholland) v Steven Galbraith (Bosco)

Thursday 23rd November- 

Newry Pool League 
Open Pairs  Preliminary Round.

Venue CWC upstairs 8 pm

Daniel McGuigan & Paul McAreavey (McGuigans Bar) v Mark McSherry & Kieran Hanna (Trainors Bar)

Venue CWC upstairs 9 pm

John Daly & Kevin Kelly (Dromintee GFC A) v Mary Cunningham & Philip Murphy (Nan Rices)

Venue CWC Downstairs 8 pm

Barry Nugent & Tommy Lavelle (Quarter Bar) v Cailim McParland & Paddy Briggs (Trainors B)

Venue CWC Downstairs 9 pm

Glenn Duffy & Brian Maguire (Different Strokes) v Kevin Crilly & Sheila Johnson (Murphy's)

Venue: Windmill Bar ( Bears) 8 pm

Pat Brady & Paddy Clarke  (Different Strokes) v Luke Reynolds & Aodhan Mullan (Dromintee GFC B)

Venue: Windmill Bar ( Bears) 9 pm

John Lyndsay & Barry McManus (Dromintee GFC A) v Darren Devlin & Caolan Marron (Nan Rices)

TBA : Ciaran Carr & Henry McLoughlin (Seasiders A/ No 7) v Richie McGee & Alan Sharkey (Granvue A)

TBA: Ronnie & Gerard Poucher (Nans Rams) v Gavin Malone & Mickey O'Hanlon (Whitecross)

Thursday 30th November - No Pool

Friday 1st December - 

As advertised: Great response to this and teams that just missed out, I will keep you on standby and if any of the teams below pull out, I will contact you. 

16 team - 4 Competitions!

๐Ÿ”ดSuper Friday Pool !

๐Ÿ”ดCompetition . 

Venues:  Competition 1 

( Venues Prelim : McGuigans and CWC)

Quarter Bar 
Nan Rices 
Trainors Dans
St Monnina 
Port Bar

4 Winners 2 Competitions - Each venue on the night A and B Comps - Total Prize money (£400 each venue) £800! 

First Round 

CWC.  7:45 pm : 
Trainors Dans v Hustlers (winner goes Nans - loser goes McGuigans) 

McGuigans 7:45 pm : Wcross v Granvue (Winner goes Nans losers stays and plays loser CWC) 

Nans 8 pm

Table 1 : Quarter Bar v Nan Rices
Table 2 : St Monnna A v Port Bar 

Second Round  Approx 9:15

Nans table 1: CWC winner v McGuigans Winner (A comp)

Nans table 2 : Nans Table 1 winner v Nans Table 2 winner ( A comp) 

Nans Table 3 : Loser Nans Table 1 v Loser Table 2 (B Comp) 

McGuigans : Loser McGuigans v Loser CWC - ( B Comp) - winner
will go to Nans to play winner Nans Table 3. 

Finals : Approx : 10:30

Nans Table 1 - A Final - Nans Table 1 winner v Nans Table 2 winner

Nans Table 2 - B Final - McGuigans B winner v winner Nans Table 3 winner 

Prize money = £400

£150 winner A
£100 runner up (A)
£100 winner B 
£ 50 runner up (B) 

Venue: Newry I.N.F 

Table 1 : CWC B v Dromintee B

Table 2 : Nans Rans v Newry City

Winner Table 1 plays winner Table 2 (A Comp)

Loser Table 1 plays loser Table 2 ( B  Comp) 

Table 3: Dromintee A v Murphys

Table 4:  Seasiders B v Trainors B

Winner Table 3 plays winner Table 4 (A Comp)

Loser Table 3 plays loser Table 4 ( B  Comp) 

A Final 

B Final

£150 winner A
£100 runner up (A)
£100 winner B 
£ 50 runner up (B) 

Thursday 8th December
Dessie McGennity 50 Years Top 32 - 32A and 32B matches. ( Fixtures will be sent to groups) 

Thursday 14th Dec. 2023  


๐Ÿ”ดChristmas Charity           ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ดMatch๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ด

Each team raise as much as possible - minimum a signed player is £5 ( this should not come from the venue owner - please do not ask them ) 
Ringers allowed this night - as long as they pay!

This is a Pool Player initiative. 
If you can raise £100 per team- that’s fantastic! - Anyway raise as much as possible! Every penny counts!

Captains please send through name of charity your team would like their money to go to. 

Last year was a brilliant success with thousands raised for charities. 
We understand it’s hard to give money at any time, but we can try ! 

We will list all teams and the money they raised and post it. 

Our aim is for Newry Pool League Players to raise a few thousand to help others this Christmas ! 

CAPTAINS: Don’t forget your Christmas jumpers and team photograph 

Venue : Trainors Bar
Trainors Bar v Trainors Dans Trainors B v Ballyholland ( Cup Format - handicaps apply) 

Venue : Nan Rices
Nan Rices v Nans Rams - (handicap apply) 

Venue : Inf Newry 
Sheepbridge v INF 
Nifty Fifty v Hustlers 

Venue: Bears ( Windmill Bar) 
Bears v Bosco

Venue: Indo Bar
Newry City v Indo Bar ( Handicap applies)

Venue : McGuigans 
CWC A v McGuigans ( Handicap applies) 

Venue: Warrenpoint INF
Seasiders A v Seasiders B ( Handicap applies) 

Venue: No 7 Warrenpoint 
No 7 v Duke Street ( Cup match- handicap applies) 

Venue: St. Monnina Club
St. Monnina A v St. Monnina B

Venue: Granvue Bar Omeath 
Granvue A v Granvue B ( Cup match format - handicap applies)

Venue: CWC Club Newry
Murphys v CWC B ( handicap) 

Venue: O’Hanlons Bar Whitecross 
Whitecross v Port Bar 

Venue: Dromintee Club
Dromintee A v Dromintee B ( Handicap applies) 

Venue: Carrickcruppen 
Different strokes v Quarter Bar 

       Thank you ๐Ÿ™ 
If Carlsberg ๐Ÿบ run Pool Leagues - they’d call it, Newry Pool League! 

Enjoy your Christmas Break ! Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year! 

See you all January 11th 2024! 

Note - These fixtures are subject to change and each week up coming fixtures will be posted.